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Marbles credit card is issued by HFC Bank Limited to resident in the UK or Channel Islands subject to status and conditions. The following credit charges and APRs apply to new customers:

The Interest rate for purchases and balance transfers is 0% per annum fixed for 6 months from account opening, after which it will revert to our variable interest rate. You can get the latest APR from the Marbles website by clicking on our link at the bottom of this page.

Marbles credit card benefits : www.marbles.co.uk :

No Annual Fee

Marbles has got an interest rate that's lower than most other credit cards. It's just 0% per annum for the first six months - on both balances you transfer.

These are just some of the things that you can do online:

Safe Shopping Promise

Worried about shopping on the net?

You won't be liable for any fraudulent use of your marbles card, or card number, on the Internet.

You're covered if:

You or your additional cardholder give your card details to a retailer and they use it

Someone steals your card or your details and uses them on-line

Marbles Internet Delivery Insurance gives you something extra you're also covered if:

Aanything you've bought on the Internet gets lost or damaged, from the moment you buy it to the moment it arrives at your home (subject to exclusions and a maximum of £500).

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