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History Lloyds TSB

The origins of Lloyds Bank stretch back to 1765, when John Taylor and Sampson Lloyd set up a private banking business in Birmingham, England. Two sons of the original partners followed in their footsteps by establishing a bank – Barnetts Hoares Hanbury and Lloyd - in London’s Lombard Street. Eventually, this became absorbed into the Lloyds Banking Company.

Over the years, Lloyds Bank expanded through a series of mergers, including the Wilts and Dorset Bank in 1914 and the Capital and Counties Bank in 1918. By 1923, Lloyds Bank had made some fifty take-overs, one of which was the last private firm to issue its own bank notes – Fox, Fowler and Co. of Wellington, Somerset.

1911 saw the formation of Lloyds Bank (France) when Lloyds Bank acquired Armstrong and Co., based in Paris and Le Havre. From 1917 it was run jointly as Lloyds and National and Provincial Bank. In 1955, Lloyds Bank bought full ownership and it became Lloyds Bank (Foreign) and later Lloyds Bank Europe.

In 1810, the Reverend Henry Duncan of Ruthwell, Dumfriesshire, set up a bank to help his poorest parishioners save for times of hardship. It was such a popular scheme that by 1818 there were 465 savings banks in Britain (including 182 in Scotland). The Trustee Savings Bank Association (TSBA) was established in 1887 to help the individual banks co-operate and to advise on matters of common concern.

The Central Trustee Savings Bank was set up in 1973 to provide the savings banks with a banking and clearing service. In 1975 it became a member of the London Bankers Clearing House. That same year, a reorganisation put 73 local institutions in place, and a later review reduced this again, to 16 regional savings banks.

There was considerable growth during the 1970s and 1980s as the range of services expanded and the number of depositors increased. To keep pace, another reorganisation was necessary and, in 1983, the remaining 16 savings banks gave up their individual identities to form TSB England and Wales, TSB Scotland, TSB Northern Ireland and TSB Channel Islands.


Lloyds TSB, in November 1998 a full-scale pilot began in Norwich, with 13 branches offering a single branded service and product range to customers of both banks under the Lloyds TSB name. 28 June 1999 saw Lloyds TSB launched on the high street.

In 1999, Lloyds TSB acquired the highly respected life assurance, investments and pensions company, Scottish Widows plc.

There are various packages that you can choose with lloyds:

TSB Credit Card

Lloyds TSB Create Card Information

The interest rate has an APR of 12.9% for purchases and other amounts charged to the account, except cash advances, for which our typical APR is 15.2%.

The Lloyds TSB createcard account can be managed both online and by post or over the phone. All the information you need is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is a special rate of 0% a month (0% a year) on Balance Transfers you make within 6 weeks of account opening (a few days before you get your card). This lasts for 6 months from the transfer date. After that, the rate on Balance Transfers will be the same as on Ordinary Balances.

What does applying online mean?

You can apply for a createcard by completing our application form on your computer. Your details are then encrypted - protecting your personal information - and sent to lloyds via the Internet. Click here to apply online.

What happens when I apply online?

With most online applications we can make a provisional decision within 20 seconds. However, the credit reference agency they use is closed from 12pm until 6am Monday to Saturday and from 6pm to 6am on Sunday (UK time), so they are unable to process applications during this period.

Also consider applying for the Marbles Card or An EGG Card.

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