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Egg is owned by the Prudential plc and EGG claims to have 2 million customers (inc. credit cards, loans, insurance). Egg plc, the company listed on the London Stock Exchange, is the parent company of a number of companies which make up the Egg group, and which all trade under the name "Egg".

Egg Banking plc is the company which provides Egg's banking products such as the Egg Savings Account, Egg Card (a credit card), Egg Loans and Egg Mortgages. Egg Banking plc is a bank and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Egg Banking is a member of the General Insurance Standards Council Egg Banking plc.

Egg Banking plc is also a member of the Financial Ombudsman Scheme and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme which was established under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Payments under the Scheme are limited to 100% of the first £2000 and 90% of the next £33,000 of a depositor's total deposits with Egg Banking plc, subject to a maximum payment to any one depositor of £31,700. :: Egg Credit Card Rates

Egg Card Information

Repayments are monthly, with a minimum payment of the full outstanding balance if less than £5, but otherwise the greater of 2% of the balances and £5.

Anniversary offer

Unlike many cards, the 0% offer doesn’t just apply when you first get your card. Get a card now and if you transfer balances in June 2005 you’ll get 0% again until 1 November 2005. Then – transfer balances in June 2006 and get another 0% until 1 November 2006.

Up to 10% cash back

Selected online retailers, such as Boden, Virgin Wines, and CD WOW offer up to 10% cashback when you pay with your Egg Card.

Free cash advances

If you’ve got another Egg account, you won’t pay a handling fee for cash advances. Even if you don’t, the handling fee is an attractive 1.25% of the withdrawal amount (minimum fee: £2).

10% discount on our household and travel insurance.

Remeber there is no annual fee!!

Egg Cards are available to UK residents who have regular Internet access and are aged 18 years and over.


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