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Direct Line Group started from scratch in April 1985 with a single product - motor insurance. Now they have over 5 million customers and a whole range of products and services. They do business over the phone and on the internet. And they've also gone international to Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain.

On their first day - 2nd April 1985 - they became the first UK insurance company to use the telephone as its main channel of communication.

Every year since 1985, the number of policies in force has grown, as has the range of products on offer. For instance, by December 1993, Directline had become the UK's largest insurer of privately-owned motor vehicles; in October 1995, Direct Line opened their first Accident Management Centre in Wakefield; and in April 1999, they launched the first ever credit card to be applied for, and granted, over the telephone.

In 1999 Directline bought Green Flag, the UK's third largest roadside recovery service. In 2001 they acquired the German and Italian motoring insurance businesses of US insurance company, Allstate.


A Direct Line loan is a great way to borrow:

See the banner above for the latest interest rate!!

From £2,000 to £25,000
Over 2 to 7 years
At rates that reflect your personal circumstances and loan amount
With or without payment protection insurance to cover repayments if you can’t work due to illness or unemployment
Without an arrangement fee.


The online process takes about 10 minutes
They will email you to confirm they have received your details
We aim to have a decision on your application within 24 hours.
If your decision is successful they will issue your formal agreement to you the next day
Once received, please read, sign and return this document to Directline.
Once the agreement has been returned and final checks have been completed, funds will be released to you by cheque or to your nominated bank account by BACS. (Note: BACS has a 3 day clearance cycle)
















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