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Citi Group Corp. Information

Citi (Bank) is part of the global Citicorp group. It comprises of 4 main business units:

Consumer Group The Citigroup Global Consumer Group businesses comprise the financial service sector’s most diverse consumer product offerings — banking services, credit cards, loans and insurance.
Corporate and Investment Banking
Emerging Markets
Global Investment Management & Private Banking Group

Citigroup, principally through Citibank, has a long and unrivaled history as a provider of financial services throughout the world. Their global footprint includes more than 100 countries in North and South America; Asia and the Pacific; Western, Central, and Eastern Europe; the Middle East; and Africa.

Citi Credit Cards

Citi Group also issue some excellent credit cards such as: the Citi Platinum Visa Card, Citi Classic Plus Visa Card and Citibank AAdvantage Gold Visa Card.

The Citi Platinum card gives you 0% interest for six months on purchases and balance transfers. It has a 13.9% APR (variable) typical Standard Rate.

The Citi classic card has the following benefits: 0% APR on balance transfers and purchase for 6 months, 13.9% APR (variable) standard interest rate, Credit limit up to £12,000 and No Annual Fee.

The Citi Gold card has the following benefits: AAdvantage Miles, Emergency, Medical & Legal Referral Service, Purchase Protection, Extended Warranty (12 months) On Electrical Goods.

CitiBank Current Account Benefits

Note: An automatic interest free overdraft of £1,000 is available to new bank customers, for a period of twelve months from the date the Account is opened, subject to status. After this period the interest rate shall revert to the Bank's standard authorised overdraft rate. This overdraft is only available to you if you deposit your salary or regular monthly minimum credits of £1,500 into your account.

Free euro and dollar banking with access to cash from over 850,000 cash machines in the Eurozone and USA. No set-up fees, no delays for credit checks, no bank charges. You can use your Citibank Card to make payments and to withdraw cash; the amounts, in euro, are simply debited from your account held here in the UK.

The bank account comes with a Citibank Card that you can use wherever you see the Visa / Delta sign. You can also use it to get cash with no currency conversion charges. The transactions will be debited to your account.

'My Accounts', a unique web-based service that enables you to view your bank accounts, loyalty schemes, emails and credit cards on one personalised site.

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